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Metagenics Estrofactors May Aid in Hormone Balance for Women


From the cramping and discomfort related to PMS to the hot flashes and irritability associated with menopause, hormonal nutritional supplement use is on the rise, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. About 52% of women in 2000 sought relief of these symptoms through nutritional supplements, and the number is on the rise. Metagenics Estrofactors is an ingestible nutritional supplement that claims to provide estrogen hormonal balance. The intended audience for use of this product includes women experiencing premenstrual syndrome, perimenopause and menopause.

Who Should Take Metagenics Estrofactors

Nutritional hormonal supplements are designed to aid in the balance of certain hormones that may become irregular over time. Estrogen balancing hormones may alleviate discomforts for women ranging from pubescent age to post-menopause who are experiencing PMS and menopause symptoms. Metagenics Estrofactors, an example of a supplement designed to aid hormone imbalance, is designed for women suffering from PMS, perimenopause, and menopause.

How Metagenics Estrofactors Works

By combining a variety of vitamins and herbs, the ingredients of nutritional supplements may provide a biological answer for hormonal imbalances. Metagenics Estrofactors contains a combination of specific vitamins and herbs. Vitamin A, which is one of the main ingredients in the product, aids in cell and hormone regeneration and eliminates free radicals. The Vitamin D found in this product aids in bone health, which is important for women of all ages. According to researchers, Turmeric, a spice from India that is in this product, has been found to reduce the risk of cancer. These ingredients, along with others, combine to possibly help hormone balance.

Specifically, the nutrients found in this supplement address estrogen activity by breaking it down, eliminating it from the body efficiently, and rebuilding it. By controlling how estrogen is broken down and how fast it is eliminated from the body, Metagenics Estrofactor may help provide hormone balance, according to the makers of Metagenics Estrofactor.

Health Claims

Though Metagenics Estrofactors claims to relieve hormonal imbalance, it has not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration. While each of the ingredients used in the product provides health benefits, the product can only claim to aid estrogen balance.

The PMS symptoms that this product claims to relieve include cramping, breast tenderness, and irritability because of the estrogen balance that it provides. This supplement may decrease breast cancer risk and increase bone density, because Vitamin D and Turmeric research shows a positive link to reducing the risks of osteoporosis and cancer.

The supplement may also prevent urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, and yeast infections by preventing vaginal dryness through increased estrogen levels and Vitamin A's power of cell regeneration. Mood changes and hot flashes may also weaken through the combination of ingredients and Rosemary found in the product. These symptoms, plus relief from trouble sleeping, are all health claims of Metagenics Estrofactor.

Side Effects

Just like other supplements and medications, Metagenics Estrofactor may cause side effects when ingested, and may alter the efficacy of other medications. According to some anonymous users, the product caused adverse reactions like fatigue, while others stated that it gave them increased energy.

Although the FDA has not conducted direct studies on Metagenics Estrofactor itself, studies have been conducted on estrogen therapy. A study conducted through the Women's Health Initiative in 2004 showed that a non-placebo estrogen therapy group displayed a minor decrease in breast cancer risk and fewer bone fractures. However, the study concluded that there was an increased stroke and blood clot risk with increased estrogen exposure.

Like all medications, it is beneficial to discuss options with healthcare providers.

written by Catherine Conrad, RD, LDN, CLT(p)


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