Weight Management

Intensive Nutrition Intervention

New diets are appearing on the scene as quickly as the older ones are fading out. The latest diet becomes tomorrow’s fad. The weight loss industry has been extremely unstable and has really confused many people throughout the decades. These diets haven’t worked nearly as effective as most people think

they do. Just because a big shot company claims you can lose X amount of weight in X amount of time, does not necessarily mean that you will. And evenif you do, it could be extremely dangerous to lose such a great amount of weight in such little time. Worst of all, it is not even permanent, and before you know it, you gain the weight back even faster than you got rid of it. Does that sound familiar?

That is why it is important to seek sound, safe and effective nutritional advice from the nutrition experts, Registered Dietitians. MyNutriFit offers a comprehensive medical nutrition therapy weight loss program, which includes: